First were seen the tracks of this strange creature. Many likely puzzled, and were in awe. What could it be leaving such signs behind?
Such treads. And so... big!
And then...     they were sighted!
Suddenly, it seemed they were everywhere.

What could they be?
Originally, they were known as snow bikes, and have been quite popular with cyclists and winter sports enthusiasts living in northern climates. Alaska seems to be more or less the spiritual home of such creatures. They have been around in an ever evolving fashion for a decade or so, but have not really caught the eye of the general riding population.... until now. Now, they are the fastest growing segment of the mountain biking world, and many people are finding out that they are a lot of fun to ride ALL the time. Fatbike, it is!
Big Tires = Big Fun!
Big Tires
Big Traction!
The idea is that the big soft tires offer a lot of float over soft surfaces. Playing with air pressure offers amazing tuneability for varying conditions.
For people who like to explore, these bikes are the ticket. They roll over most anything and can take you places a normal bike never could. They also happen to be uber cool!
Big Tires
Big Squish!
So, if you see one of these giants out in the woods, don't be alarmed.
They are just the latest way to further enjoy the great outdoors!
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