Spring 2007
Hey all. Mother was so very kind to us over the Winter. It didn't GET Winter until past Christmas, and even then there was virtually NO maintenance work to be done like there usually is most years. That was until the Last Hurrah April Snow Dump.
So much for no work to do. Mother dumped 10-12" of heavy wet snow, and this brought down trees and branches everywhere. On Sunday April 22, the Cycle-CNY crew consisting of TrailMaker, Shotgun Scott, and LONG TRAIL came out with chainsaws and muscle to clear Mother's offering. What was previously utterly impassable (mostly the Creek Trail) is now clear for use.
An ironic scene. The boys had other commitments, so I went ahead and scouted the Rock & Roll trail, pausing at the Grand Old Man for a rest. A chain saw sitting at the base of a tree that has not been touched by one in how-ever-many-hundred years of its existence. If the Faits are willing, we'll never have to saw this old boy up to clear the trail.
One can only hope!
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