New "Winter Creature" Sighted
August '08 Trail Build - "Donkey Kong"
May '08 Trail Build - "Toby"
Summer '07 Trail Build - Chutes&Ladders
Fall 2006 Trail Build - "MilkRun"
Devastating 2006 November Flood
Triumphant Return of The Creek Trail!
Stateline Road, Vestal, NY
- 330 Acres of Heaven -

I've been around a little longer than Jones has been a Town of Vestal Park, but I had no idea of its scope until A few years ago when I started mountain biking. A friend frequented the place, and got me hooked. Since I was a kid, I only knew of the portion visible from Stateline Road. That is only a small part of it.
Jones Park encompasses a lot of history in its 330 acres, and has a lot of varied topography, flora, & fauna. Here are a few pictures of things you may find in my favorite place.
Huge trees in "The Land of the Giants"
The biggest tree around.
"The Grand Old Man"
The CanAm Bridge
on the "Highroad Trail"
The Teeter Totter on the "BeeLine"
Jones Park Trail Map
Alterations to the Creek Crossings, Trails, and Trail Markings without permission from the
T.O. Vestal Parks Dept. is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN. There are strategies for managing these entities in place, and unauthorized alterations may hamper these efforts.

NO TRAIL BUILDING without permission from the Parks Dept.
There is a trail plan already in place, and your efforts may run counter to that plan.
If you would like to volunteer to help the Trail Crew, click the link below for more information.
We can use all the help you can give, and offer you all the work you can stand!

*** If You Carry it In, Carry it Out ***
Please do not litter, and help everyone by carrying out any litter you find.
Help keep Jones Park Naturally Beautiful.

As a trail user, you should always verify the status of every trail and/or feature before engaging it. If you are unsure of the conditions ahead, take caution and check the trail before attempting any spirited use of it.
Trail conditions are in a constant state of flux, and assuming the trail is "the same as last time" is not wise.
- When in Doubt, CHECK IT OUT! -
Jones Park Trail Notes
Riding is what it is about for me.

A little fun with the camera, computer, and the bike. Same camera position on two consecutive shots that timed out pretty well. This kind of sequencing is pretty lucky, considering propping the camera on a log leaned against a tree, setting the timer, then running and jumping on the bike and trying to guess the right time to go!
A little work with PhotoShop creates a neat image. This "skinny" is made from the by-products of  Spring 07's tree fall clearing shown elsewhere. For riders, a nice little test of their skills, or a chance to practice them. A nice bench for walkers too.
Full Color, Detailed, Printable map
showing All the Marked Trails in the Park.
Detailed Descriptions (with character ratings)
of all the Marked Trails
in the Park.
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Spring 07 Trail Work
Spring '08 Trail Work
Rare Plant Sighting!
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Not a photo effect.
An actual Blue Mushroom!